Pope Pius XII Grants an Audience to Fascist Ante Pavelic of Catholic Ustashe Movement Hot

Pope Pius XII Grants an Audience to Fascist Ante Pavelic of Catholic Ustashe Movement

Croatian Ustashi leader Ante Pavelic giving Nazi salute (far left) with Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac (far right) and other Catholic Church leaders
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Pope Pius XII grants a "personal and private audience" with Ante Pavelic, leader of the fascist, Catholic Ustashe movement which has taken control of Croatia.

It is thought that they speak about creating a concordat between the Vatican and Croatia. Fiercely Catholic, the Ustashi put the patriarchal family at the center of all moral and social order. Contraception is banned. Blasphemy is criminalized. As a fascist movement, they oppose parliamentary democracy and endorse a strong, authoritarian government.

For its size, the Ustashe will become the most murderous government in all of Europe, even making the Germans cringe at the level of barbarity inflicted on Jews, Gypsies, and Serbs.

The Vatican never formally recognizes the Ustashe government of Ante Pavelic, but they also never condemn any of the atrocities which the Ustashe commit.


Ante Pavelic Speech 21.05.1941

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