Archbishop Stepinac Objects to Ustashe Leader Pavelic's Racial Laws

Archbishop Stepinac Objects to Ustashe Leader Pavelic's Racial Laws

Croatian Ustashi leader Ante Pavelic giving Nazi salute (far left) with Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac (far right) and other Catholic Church leaders

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Alojzije Viktor Stepinac, archbishop of Zagreb, issues public objections to Ustashe leader Ante Pavelic's racial laws.

He doesn't mind the anti-Semitism, just how extreme it has become, and appeals to Pavelic

"to issue regulations so that even in the framework of anti-Semitic legislation, and similar legislation concerning Serbs, the principles of human dignity be preserved."

Traditional Catholic anti-Semitism fully endorses restrictions on Jews such as ghettos, banning them from certain professions, prohibiting them from employing Christians, banning intermarriage, and a host of other regulations designed to impose a second-class status on Jews.

What Catholic leaders like Stepinac have trouble with is seeing those sorts of regulations increased and taken to their logical conclusion.


Cardinal Stepinac: A Cold Blooded Killer

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