France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands Invaded by Nazi Germany

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands Invaded by Nazi Germany

Pope Pius XII
Source: Joachim Specht

Nazi Germany invades France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minster of Britain.

Pope Pius XII sends telegrams of sympathy to the leaders of Belgium, Holland, and France, in which he laments the fact that people in these nations are being subjected to war.

At no point does he even mention Germany, the nation which has invaded them without any provocation whatsoever, much less actually criticize Germany's actions or Adolf Hitler for launching this war of aggression.

Pope Pius XII doesn't even use the word "invasion." Although each message to the three nations is phrased differently, the contents are essentially the same. The pope's message to King Leopold of Belgium says:

"In a moment when, for the second time against its will and right, the Belgian people sees its territory exposed to the cruelties of war, we, being profoundly moved, send Your Majesty and to the entire nation so beloved by us assurance of our paternal affection and, while praying to the All-Powerful God that this stern trial may and with the restoration of full liberty and independence of Belgium, we send Your Majesty and your people our apostolic blessing with all our heart."


Nazi invasion of the Netherlands, 1940

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