Hitler: German Youth Must to Steel Themselves for the Future Hot

Hitler: German Youth Must to Steel Themselves for the Future

Adolf Hitler, 1936

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In a speech at the Olympia Stadium in Berlin, Adolf Hitler tells crowd of 100,000 Hitler Youth members that they need to "steel" themselves for the future. In the past, he's simply told such crowds of young people how lucky they are to live in times like this.

Hitler says:

"You German boys and girls will one day be called on to assume the protection of this flag. But you shall be able to carry it forth and protect it successfully with dignity only if you stand by this flag with the same unity as does the National Socialist Movement... You shall be called on, in light of the greatness of this time, to fulfill tasks as they confront you, and assuredly they will confront you above all. ...

And I expect of you that you shall become straightforward, tough German men and reliable German women. You shall be men who know from the start that nothing in life is free. You must struggle for everything in this world; you can keep only that for which you are willing, at all times, to stand up in defense, if necessary."

Hitler also says that defending Germany's flag and freedom is a commandment of God:

"And thereby we shall obey the commandment of the Almighty who has imparted to us a common blood and a common language. In the acknowledgment of this commandment within the past six years, Germany has once more become great and respected, albeit perhaps not very popular[!]. Alas, we Germans shall have to be content with the love of our Volksgenossen."


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