Catholic Bureau for Israel Ordered Closed to Avoid Negative Backlash

Catholic Bureau for Israel Ordered Closed to Avoid Negative Backlash

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In Belgium, the Catholic Bureau for Israel is ordered to close by van Cauwelaert, assistant to Cardinal van Roey, the Archbishop of Mechelen and head of the Catholic Church in Belgium.

The Catholic Bureau for Israel was created in 1936 by Catholic laity who were distressed at the rise of antisemitism in Israel, wishing to organize to better fight it while increasing tolerance between Jews and Catholics.

Cardinal van Roey's excuse for closing down one of the few grassroots efforts to fight antisemitism is that it has created a negative backlash:

"Concerned about peace and realizing that the public activity of the Catholic Bureau for Israel — not through any fault of the Church but because of the passions it has aroused — frequently has the effect of pouring oil onto the flames of antisemitism, the hierarchical authorities have expressed a desire that the activity of this body be brought to an end."

So if hateful people react badly to efforts to fight hate, it's better to just keep quiet and not work against their bigotry?

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