Archbishop Mundelein of Chicago Criticizes Nazi Germany & Nazi Party Hot

Archbishop Mundelein of Chicago Criticizes Nazi Germany & Nazi Party

Cardinal George Mundelein

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At a diocesan conference in Chicago, Cardinal George Mundelein, Catholic Archbishop of Chicago, makes some sharp criticisms of Nazi Germany and the Nazi Party.

Cardinal Mundelein says:

"Perhaps you will ask how it is that a nation of 66,000,000 intelligent people will submit in fear and servitude to an alien — an Austrian paperhanger, and a darn poor one at that, I am told — and a few associates like Goebbels and Goering, who can, in this age of rising prices, say to an entire nation: "Wages cannot be raised."

Perhaps we would understand if we lived in a country where every second person is a government spy, where armed forces come in and seize private books and papers without court procedure; where the father can no longer discipline his boy for fear the latter will inform on him and land him in prison; where personal savings and treasured securities are seized and sold to increase the gold supply.

Perhaps we would understand if we lived in a country where letters are opened and read, as in wartime they do only with enemy correspondence; where the young, tenderly nurtured girl is torn from the mother's side and sent into labor camps to live with the slatterns of the street; where the candidates for the religious life are not only sent into the work camps but into the military camps as well."

German politicians and church leaders are outraged by these remarks. When Protestant ministers in America voice their agreement with Mundelein's comments, the Hamburger Familienblatt reports on it in an article entitled "American Churches Unite for Hate Agitation."

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