Jews Forbidden From Performing Certain German Dramas and Music

Jews Forbidden From Performing Certain German Dramas and Music

Hans Hinkel
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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In Nazi Germany, Jews are forbidden from performing Goethe's dramas or music by Beethoven and Mozart.

Hans Hinkel, chief of the Reich Culture Chamber (Reichskulturkammer) and the Cultural Federation of German Jews (Kulturbund Deutscher Juden) explains:

"Jews must be allowed to develop their own spiritual and creative genius.

If they are unable to, or show themselves so poor in spiritual endowments that they cannot develop their own culture, it is all the more necessary to show the world that we cannot allow them to become masters of our cultural life."

Hans Hinkel is a former Freikorps member who joined the Nazi Party in 1921.

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