Klaus Barbie Joins Nazi Party - Will be Personally Involved Prisoner Torture Hot

Klaus Barbie Joins Nazi Party - Will be Personally Involved Prisoner Torture

Klaus Barbie, 1944

Timeline of History

Political History

Klaus Barbie joins the Nazi Party. He is already a member of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), the special security branch service of the SS.

After he is made head of the Gestapo in France, Klaus Barbie will be responsible for constructing the first French concentration camp at Hôtel Terminus in Lyon.

He will be personally involved in the torture of prisoners, including sexual abuse with dogs and electroshock. It will be estimated that becomes directly responsible for at least 14,000 deaths. This is how he earns the nick-name Butcher of Lyons.

After the war ends he'll be wanted for war crimes, but the CIA and the Croatian Ustashi Roman Catholic priest Krunoslav Draganovic help him escape to Bolivia, where continues to murder in the name of authoritarian fascism. It's not until 1987 that France is able to bring him trial, sentencing him to life in prison.


Nazi Hunters, Klaus Barbie

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