Franciscan Monks Charged With Violations of Immorality Laws Hot

Franciscan Monks Charged With Violations of Immorality Laws

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In Coblenz, Germany, 276 monks of the Order of St. Francis and the Congregation of Merciful Brethren are charged with violations of immorality laws. Another 61 would have been charged, but according to officials, they had fled the country.

The accused monks all belong to the monasteries of Wald, Breitbach, Linz, Warendorf, Borken, Waldnil and Weze. The alleged acts all occurred between the monks or with minors. Bernhard Steinhoff, known as Father Leovigill, of the Franciscan Monastery at Warendorf, is the first to appear before the court and he pleads guilty.

At the opening of the trial today, Director Van Koolwyck of the Appellate Court, who is acting as presiding judge, says:

"The moral offenses of the accused reached dimensions that we had not expected and could not expect."

The newspaper Nachtausgabe reports:

"In the interests of the Catholic Church's purity of ideals, the sharpest measures must be taken to effect a complete cleansing of the monasteries in question from shameless elements."

Prince Hubertus zu Loewenstein, a German Catholic refugee living in America, tells reporters that he predicted months ago that the Nazis were preparing show trials against Catholic clergy:

"As I originally announced, these trials were to be put off until after the Olympic Games, but the unrest in Germany has grown so great that the Nazi authorities could not wait.

Politically, these Catholic trials at Coblenz are linked with the mass labor trials of 628 unionists in Wupperthal. It is all a preparation for a totalitarian war by the attempted destruction of all humanitarian forces that might oppose it.

The Nazi authorities found they could not make Nazis out of Catholics, so they are attempting to discredit Catholicism at home and abroad. They will later extend their charges to include prominent Catholic laymen and even bishops.

I am willing to predict that they may even attack Austria in a supposed attempt to save it from perverse Catholic domination. War is the only adventure left for the Nazis in their attempt to keep the people distracted with new surprises so that they may keep themselves in power."
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