Holland's Catholic Bishops Issue Ban on Nazi Party Membership Hot

Holland's Catholic Bishops Issue Ban on Nazi Party Membership

Catholic Clergy Giving the Nazi Salute

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In Holland, Catholic bishops issue a ban on membership in the Dutch Nazi Party.

The Archbishop of Utrecht, head of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands, has the following read from every pulpit:

"We remain convinced that the church and our country will be grievously damaged and the fulfilling of the task of bringing grace will be rendered impossible when the Nazi movement gets the upper hand.

Therefore we, the shepherds of your souls, in full knowledge of our responsibility, declare that those who materially support this movement will be banned from the sacraments.

The obedience shown so oft in difficult circumstances by the fold gives us certainty the word of the Bishops will be heard now also."

There are currently around 55,000 Nazi Party members in the Netherlands, about one-quarter of whom are Catholic.

Christian leaders in Holland recognize what sort of threat to liberty and peace the Nazis represent, and they are willing to go much further to protect themselves and their people from the Nazis — further even than any Christian leaders in Germany itself.

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