Goebbels Warns of Consequences of a Jewish Boycott of Germany Hot

Goebbels Warns of Consequences of a Jewish Boycott of Germany

Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, 1934

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In a speech at Berlin's Sportpalast, Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels warns of what might happen if the Jewish boycott of Germany causes the nation any economic harm.

Goebbels says:

"If the boycott were carried to lengths actually endangering our economic situation, it would not mean that we would let the Jews go free. No! The hatred, rage and despair ot the German people would first ot all vent itself on those who can be grabbed in the homeland.

If the Jews imagine that the bloodless course of the German revolution gives them the right to disport themselves again in their habitual impudence and arrogance and provoke the German people, let them be warned not to tax our patience too severely.

We have spared the Jews, but if they they can therefore reappear on the stage and in the editorial office, if they imagine they can again stroll along the Kurfürstendamm as if nothing at all had happened, let them take my words as a last warning. ...

German Jews will be left alone by us if they will quietly and modestly retire within their four walls and if they will refrain from putting forth a claim to equal worth and equal rights with Germans. If they do not; they will have to blame themselves for the consequences."
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