Julius Streicher: Jews Murdering Christian Children for Sacrifice

Julius Streicher: Jews Murdering Christian Children for Sacrifice

1934 Special Issue of 'Der Stürmer' with the Blood Libel story on the front page, accompanied by a drawing of Jews extracting blood from Christian children for use in religious rituals
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Julius Streicher's Der Stürmer prints a twelve-page special issue featuring a "Blood Libel" story describing the history of accusations against Jews of murdering Christian children for ritual sacrifice.

According to the cover story:

"The knowledge of Jewish ritual murder is thousands of years old. It is as old as the Jews themselves. The Gentiles have passed the knowledge of it from generation to generation, and it has been passed down to us through writings.

It is known of throughout the nation. Knowledge of ritual murder can be found in even the most secluded rural village.

The grandfather told his grandchildren, who passed it on to his children, and his children's children, until we have inherited the knowledge today."

Der Stürmerprints a long list of ritual murder accusations that were reported in the past and claims that there are currently plans among the Jews to subject Adolf Hitler and his followers to just such ritual murder.

Julius Streicher is subsequently criticized in the British press for this issue. The Sunday Referee, for example, tells that

"in report on the state of his mind the police surgeon stated that he was, owing to progressive paralysis, not fully responsible for his actions, and was a paranoiac and victim of hallucinations."

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