Rep. Louis McFadden (R-PA) Starts Vicious Anti-Semitic Attack During Debate Hot

Rep. Louis McFadden (R-PA) Starts Vicious Anti-Semitic Attack During Debate

Louis T. McFadden (R-PA)
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During debate on a measure to repeal the gold clause in all Federal and private obligations, making them payable in legal tender, Representative Louis T. McFadden (R-PA) launches into vicious anti-Semitic attacks.

McFadden starts out by asserting that the bill being debated was "foretold" already by Henry Ford when he reprinted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

"Mr. Chairman, the provisions of this repudiation bill were foretold by a writer in the Dearborn Independent some years ago. There is, therefore, nothing novel or original about them. The writer of the article in the Dearborn Independent made the following quotation prophesying some of the measures which have been introduced here by the President of the United States...

'Remember that when next you hear the Jewish plan that 'Gentiles' shall do business with their own bits of paper, while Jews keep the gold reserve safely in their own hands. If crash comes, 'Gentiles' have the paper and the Jews have the gold."

Says Protocol XXII: 'We hold in our hands the greatest modern power — gold; in 2 days we could free it from our treasuries in any desired quantities.' ...

Mr. Chairman, have not most of these predictions come to pass? Is it not true that, in the United States today, the 'gentiles' have the slips of paper while the Jews have the gold and lawful money? And is not this repudiation bill a bill specifically designed and written by the Jewish international money changers themselves in order to perpetuate their power?

What else do you make of it, Mr. Chairman? Does it not cancel the war debts? Does it not defraud the holders of Liberty bonds and every other obligation calling for the payment of money? Does it not defraud the veterans of the World War and take the value out of their adjusted-compensation certificates? ...

A vote for this bill is a vote for the money changers. A vote for an audit and an investigation of the Government's financial affairs is a vote for the people. ...

Do not force Americans to pay tribute to foreign rulers and potentates. Take back this country or perish in the attempt. Let this be our own country again."

The reactions to Louis T. McFadden's comments are very negative. Representative Black from New York says:

"The gentleman from Pennsylvania has seen fit to inject Hitlerism into this House. We don't want it here. I watched the Jewish boys of New York go to war and I say the remarks reflecting on this great race were entirely uncalled for."

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