Heidegger Becomes Rector of Freiburg University, Asserts Allegiance to Hitler Hot

Heidegger Becomes Rector of Freiburg University, Asserts Allegiance to Hitler

Martin Heidegger

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Martin Heidegger delivers his first address as Rector of Freiburg University in which he proclaims his personal allegiance to the Nazi state and his support for a manifesto or loyalty oath of German professors to Nazism.

Heidegger's stature makes it easier for the Nazis to impose their will on the German academy; in fact, his philosophy is sometimes overshadowed by the enthusiastic support he shows for the Nazis and their education policies.

Martin Heidegger not only publicly converts to National Socialism, but he also deliberately distances himself from Husserl, a Jewish philosopher whom he had previously admired and whose work he has expanded upon.

Because of this, Heidegger will be suspended from all teaching duites after the war from 1945 to 1950. The exact scope and nature of his Nazi sympathies will remain a matter of debate.


Heidegger Speaks. English subtitled

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