Dachau SS Guard Johann Kanntschuster Kills Jewish Inmate Hot

Dachau SS Guard Johann Kanntschuster Kills Jewish Inmate

New Inmates at the Dachau Concentration Camp
Source: Marcel G. Lefrancq

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Johann Kantschuster, a guard at the Dachau concentration camp, kills Dr. Alfred Strauss, a Jewish lawyer.

Strauss was being escorted on a walk outside the camp when Kantschuster claims he tried to escape and had to be shot. An investigation finds that Alfred Strauss was killed by two bullets to back of the head. His body is also has bruises and open wounds.

As a result, Kantschuster is charged with murder. The Bavarian police, under the command of Heinrich Himmler's SS, quashes the charges. Soon Kantschuster is promoted and put in charge of the Dachau barracks where prisoners are kept in isolation. He will become feared and infamous in the camp because of his brutality and numerous murders.

During the 1934 Night of the Long Knives, Kantschuster is responsible for arranging the murder of Gustav Ritter von Kahr, former Minister President of Bavaria. After the war, no one will be able to find him.


Konzentrationslager Dachau 1933-1945

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