German Christians Report: Missionaries Teaching There is No Humanity

German Christians Report: Missionaries Teaching There is No Humanity

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A German Christian report indicates that their missionaries abroad are teaching that "according to the order of God's creation, there is no 'humanity,' rather only German Christians, English Christians, Chinese Christians, and so on."

German Christians strive to redefine the very nature of the Christian church itself. Instead of a universal community of believers, the idea of the Christian church is transformed so that it is dependent upon German notions of race and ethnicity; thus, the church becomes an expression not only of Christian doctrine but also German culture.

According to German Christians, God is revealed to humanity not just in Scripture and through Jesus, but also in nature (race) and history. Separating the earthly church from the universal community of believers allows German Christians to dismiss any obligation to universality.

Seeing God's revelations through nature, German Christians are able to argue that race is sanctified and part of a divine plan for humanity.

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