Social Democrats Vote Unanimously for Hitler's Foreign Policy Hot

Social Democrats Vote Unanimously for Hitler's Foreign Policy

Adolf Hitler speaking at a Nuremberg Rally, 1933

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Social Democrats who haven't been arrested or forced into exile vote unanimously in approval of Adolf Hitler's foreign policy. They also condemn Social Democrats abroad who have had the gall to criticize Hitler and the Nazis.

These measures are taken just a few days after the Nazis had confiscated all buildings, newspapers, and other property belonging to the SPD.

On this same day, Hitler issues a decree banning all collective bargaining and declaring that "labor trustees" appointed by him alone will "regulate labor contracts." Since these contracts will be legally binding, all strikes are effectively outlawed.

Business leaders are pleased to see their massive contributions to the NSDAP paying off so well. They are getting everything they could hope for when it comes to repressing independent labor power while enhancing the power and stature of business leaders.

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