Hans Meiser Elected First Bishop of the Bavarian Evangelical-Lutheran Church

Hans Meiser Elected First Bishop of the Bavarian Evangelical-Lutheran Church

Bishop Hans Meiser

Timeline of History

Religious History

A special meeting of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church leaders elects Hans Meiser as the first Bishop of the Bavarian Evangelical-Lutheran Church.

At the same time, they announce the "Law for the Empowerment of the Regional Bishop for Enactment of Church Laws."

This is for Hans Meiser what the Enabling Act was for Adolf Hitler: it allows him to issue absolute decrees without oversight or independent checks. "Let us give the man who will lead us, a real scepter to hold."

In 1938, Hans Meiser will impose a loyalty oath on all Bavarian pastors which states:

"I swear to God the Almighty and Alknowing: I will be loyal and obedient to the Führer of the Reich and Volk, Adolf Hitler, I will obey the laws, and I will conscientiously fulfill all my official duties, so help me God."

The platform which they vote on says:

"We do not want a State church nor a church that is a State within a State, but a Reich church that freely acknowledges the sovereignty of the National Socialist state and preaches the gospel in the Third Reich."

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