Nazi Germany Bans All Independent & Socialist Trade Unions Hot

Nazi Germany Bans All Independent & Socialist Trade Unions

Adolf Hitler, 1938

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The Nazi government in Germany bans all independent and socialist trade unions. Union buildings are occupied, their funds are confiscated, and their leaders are put in concentration camps.

Even those trade union leaders who had openly pledged to support and work with the Nazis are imprisoned. Everything that remains is incorporated into the German Labor Front (DAF).

In a press release, the Nazi Party says:

"Germany today entered upon the second epoch of the National Socialist revolution by freeing the worker from the last fetters of Marxism. ...

Three months of Nazi government proves to you, worker, that Hitler is your friend, that Hitler wrestles with the problem of your foredoom, that Hitler supplies you with bread."

Neither support for nor opposition to the Nazis is the relevant issue: what is relevant is the independence of these groups. This move by the Nazi government is designed not so much to eliminate current dissent, but rather to destroy independent organizations from which future dissent and critique might arise.

It's part of the larger process of Gleichschaltung or "coordination," which means bringing every institution in Germany into line with the Nazi agenda and ideology.

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