Hitler Explains Importance of a Unified German People Before God Hot

Hitler Explains Importance of a Unified German People Before God

Adolf Hitler, 1935

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Adolf Hitler gives a speech at Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin in which he explains the importance of the German people being able to stand before God as a strong, unified people.

Hitler says:

"My German Volksgenossen! The fact that the world is so against us is all the more reason why we must become a unified whole; all the more reason for us to continually assure the world: you can do whatever you want! But you will never break us, never force us to submit to any yoke!

You will no longer be able to wipe out the cry for equal rights in our Volk! The German Volk has come to its senses. It will no longer tolerate people in its midst who are not for Germany! We want to earn the renewed ascent of the nation by honest means, through our industry, our persistence, our unshakable will!

We are not asking of the Almighty, "Lord, make us free!" We want to take an active part, to work, to accept one another as brothers and unite in a common struggle so that one day the hour will come when we can step before the Lord and have the right to ask of Him, "Lord, You can see that we have changed.

The German Volk is no longer a Volk of infamy, shame, self-reproach, faintheartedness, and little faith. No, Lord, the German Volk is once again strong in its will, strong in its persistence, strong in bearing any sacrifice. Lord, we will not give You up!

Now bless our fight for our freedom and thus our German Volk und Vaterland!"

Joseph Goebbels estimates the crowd at one and a half million; the Eher Verlag says it's two million.


Christian Hitler Invoking God - Gott Mit Uns

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