Goebbels Bans 'Hitler Kitsch': Use of Hitler's Image on Commercial Products Hot

Goebbels Bans 'Hitler Kitsch': Use of Hitler's Image on Commercial Products

Joseph Goebbels
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

Joseph Goebbels bans the use of Adolf Hitler's image on any commercial products.

Hitler kitsch has become a real problem in Nazi Germany because of the cult of personality that's developing around him, and it started becoming far worse last month around his 44th birthday.

Shops have been selling plaques, commemorative plates, goblets, and even souvenir thimbles with Hitler's face on them.

Non-commercial adulation is even worse: towns and villages everywhere are renaming streets and dedicating everything from trees to bridges in Hitler's name. Parents are asking for permission to re-christen their daughters "Hitlerine."

This won't stop until the end of World War II.

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