Heinrich Brüning Asked to Resign as German Chancellor by President von Hindenburg Hot

Heinrich Brüning of the Catholic Center Party resigns as German Chancellor at the request of President Paul von Hindenburg. Hindenburg then appoints Franz von Papen, also of the Catholic Center Party but far more conservative than Brüning, as Chancellor.

President Paul von Hindenburg has started moving further to the right because his victory in last month's federal elections was only possible because of votes from members of the Socialist Party and Catholic Center Party — large numbers of conservatives and right-wing nationalists voted for Adolf Hitler, who came in second.

This embarrasses Hindenburg, who believes he can compensate by shifting to the right. Getting rid of the more liberal Catholic Brüning and replacing him with the more conservative von Papen is part of this shift.

Adolf Hitler expects to be named as Brüning's replacement, but he won't get that job just yet — he has to wait until January 1933.


Die Zwanziger Jahre: Rechts erobert die Republik

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