Otto Rahn Comes to France to Look for the Holy Grail Hot

Otto Rahn Comes to France to Look for the Holy Grail

Otto Rahn

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Otto Rahn, a medievalist and a Obersturmführer (First Lieutenant) of the SS, arrives at Montsegur castle in France. He will spend the next three months here exploring local caves and grottos in the hope of finding the Holy Grail.

Rahn is convinced that Montsegur, the final Cathar fortress to fall to Catholic Crusaders, still contains their secrets — including the secret of the Holy Grail.

Even though he is openly homosexual, Otto Rahn has found favor with Heinrich Himmler, who is also very interested in the occult and ancient secrets.

It will be rumored that Otto Rahn serves as the model for the movie character Indiana Jones. Neither George Lucas nor Stephen Spielberg ever comment on who may or may not have inspired the character.

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