John Randolph Neal and John Scopes Discuss Trial with ACLU Hot

John Randolph Neal and John Scopes Discuss Trial with ACLU

John Randolph Neal (1876–1959) and John T. Scopes at the Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925
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John Randolph Neal, the lead defense lawyer for John Scopes who has been charged with violating Tennessee's Butler Act by teaching evolution in a public school, announces that Scopes, who is entitled to pick anyone he wants for the defense team, "greatly desired" that New York lawyers Clarence Darrow and Dudley Malone help out.

Neal also adds that he will seek the help of John W. Davies (one of lawyers which the ACLU prefers to have on the case), but in a couple of days Davies will say that he won't participate even if invited. For many in the ACLU, the participation of Clarence Darrow rankles because he's perceived as a publicity-hound and they fear that he will make the Scopes case all about religion.

John Randolph Neal and the ACLU share the same goal: to make the case about freedom of teaching. Darrow, though, will want to use the cas to indict backwards, intolerant religion. Neal and Darrow will clash during the case because their goals and strategies are so different.

Neal will, however, remain part of the defense team, even during the appeals process.

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