Nazi Leader Gregor Strasser Elected to Bavarian Landtag Hot

Gregor Strasser is elected to the Bavarian Landtag for the Nazi-associated Völkischer Block.

An early member of the Nazi Party, Gregor Strasser is proving to be an exceptional political organizer. There will only be around 27,000 Nazi Party members in 1925, but in 1931 there will be over 800,000 due largely to the efforts and skills of Gregor Strasser.

Strasser's vision of National Socialism will diverge radically from Adolf Hitler's, however. Whereas Hitler is willing to work with major industrialist and capitalist leaders, letting them retain their power in return for supporting him, Strasser is committed breaking up big industrial firms.

Such ideological differences will create a major rift between the two, leading Hitler to order Gregor Strasser's assassination during the Night of the Long Knives in 1934.

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