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Birth of Herta Oberheuser

Herta Oberheuser

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Political History

Herta Oberheuser, the only female defendant at the Nuremberg Medical Trial, is born in Cologne Germany.

As one of the doctors stationed at the Ravensbrück concentration camp from 1940 until 1943, Herta Oberheuser participates in a number of gruesome medical experiments on unwilling Jewish women and children.

She deliberately inflicts injuries on her victims to test possible treatments of combat wounds. Injections are given to children that kill them painfully so their organs can be taken for study.

Sentenced to 20 years in jail during her war crimes trial, she's released in April 1952 and soon becomes a family doctor Stocksee, Germany. It's only after a Ravensbrück survivor recognizes her and complains that her medical license is revoked.


Nazi Nuremberg War Crimes Trial: Doctor's Trial Cross-Examination of Herta Oberhauser 4-08-1947

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