Birth of Cardinal Stepinac, Supporter of Fascist Croatian Government Hot

Birth of Cardinal Stepinac, Supporter of Fascist Croatian Government

Cardinal Aloysius Viktor Stepinac

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Alojzije Viktor Stepinac is born. Later archbishop of Zagreb and eventually a cardinal, Stepinac will play an important role providing legitimacy for the Catholic Ustashe fascists who control Croatia and enforce racist, authoritarian policies much like the Nazis in Germany.

Cardinal Stepinac is personally close to many of the leading Ustashe fascists and issues numerous proclamations supporting Croatia's fascist government. After the war, a war crimes tribunal finds him guilty of collaboration with the fascist Ustashe movement and helping the fascists force Orthodox Serbs to convert to Catholicism. He will die while in confinement and be declared a martyr by Pope John Paul II.

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