Birth of Cornelius van Til, Reformed Theologian

Birth of Cornelius van Til, Reformed Theologian

Cornelius Van Til
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Cornelius van Til is born in Grootegast, Netherlands.

Heavily dependent on the works of Dutch Calvinists, Cornelius van Til will be a Reformed theologian who is instrumental in the development of modern presuppositional theology and conservative apologetics. He may not be very original in his basic principles, but he will apply those principles in ways that become very important.

Unfortunately, he applies those principles in a contradictory and biased manner. For example, he relies upon the principle of the "total depravity" of humanity to argue that people cannot be unbiased and cannot even use supposedly "neutral" reason, yet at the same time he will insist that humans can be trusted to recognize that the Bible is divinely inspired and must be trusted completely.

At no point will Cornelius van Til ever apply his own principles to his own dogmas in a consistent manner, despite the fact that he wants to impose them on everyone else — a problem frequently encountered with Reformed, presuppositional, and conservative apologists.

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