Birth of Alfred Jodl, German General During WWII Hot

Birth of Alfred Jodl, German General During WWII

General Alfred Jodl

Alfred Jodl is born. A German general during World War II, Alfred Jodl will sign the unconditional surrender of Germany to the Allies at Reims, France.

After the war, Jodl will be charged with conspiracy to commit crimes against peace; planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression; war crimes; and crimes against humanity. One of the primary pieces of evidence against him is Jodl's signing of orders to summarily execute certain types of prisoners, as well as orders he signs to transfer Danish citizens to concentration camps.

Alfred Jodl will plead not guilty "before God, before history and my people." He will be found guilty on all charges and executed by hanging.


Nuremberg Day 148 Jodl Cross Examination

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