Cardinal Ercole Consalvi Opposes Efforts to Undermine Jewish Emancipation

Cardinal Ercole Consalvi Opposes Efforts to Undermine Jewish Emancipation

Cardinal Ercole Consalvi
Source: Wikipedia

Cardinal Ercole Consalvi is reappointed as the Vatican Secretary of State. He will soon learn of a report about restoring papal rule to Italy which seeks to undermine the social and legal status of Jews.

Written by a monk named Giuseppe Sala, it says:

"Another disorder that needs to be rectified is the excessive freedom acquired by the Jews, who at present live in perfect communion with Christians. ...

Ever since there began to be princes seated on the thrones of Europe who were imbued with the maxims of modern philosophy, the Jews seized on their chance to shake off their oppression and they knew how to profit from the situation to gain the grace of the Ministers and the Monarchs. ...

[S]oon they were mixed in with and placed at the same level as the Catholic subjects, and even obtained full freedom and protection for the exercise of their superstitions. ...

These implacable enemies of Christianity and these perpetual authors of frauds and swindles found support from those same hands who were supposed to be controlling them and repressing them. ...

In many places, having become rich and powerful, they live promiscuously among the Catholics, hiring them as servants, living together with them."

Sala proposes that all the old repression be brought back, something Consalvi vehemently opposes.

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