Napoleon Orders Papal States be Annexed into French Empire Hot

Napoleon Orders Papal States be Annexed into French Empire

Papal States before the Napoleonic wars
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In the Schönbrunn Palace near Vienna, Austria, Napoleon I orders that the Papal States be annexed to the French Empire. He justifies this by saying that control over the territory by Charlemagne was never intended to be a permanent transfer of sovereign power.

Thus, Napoleon claims that he is simply restoring the lands to the Empire of France and that he is simply the most recent successor of Charlemagne. Napoleon also argues that the combination of temporal and spiritual power has been damaging:

"This association of spiritual and temporal authority has been and still is a source of dissensions and has but too often led the pontiffs to employ the influence of the former to maintain the pretensions of the latter, and thus the spiritual concerns and heavenly interests which are unchanging have been confused with terrestrial affairs which by their nature alter according to circumstances and the policy of the time; and since all our proposals for reconciling the security of our armies, the tranquility and the welfare of our people and the dignity and integrity of our Empire, with the temporal pretensions of the Popes have failed..."

He promises as compensation an annual stipend of 2,000,000 francs for the pope.

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