Birth of American Abolitionist John Brown in Connecticut

Birth of American Abolitionist John Brown in Connecticut

John Brown, c. 1856
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American abolitionist John Brown is born in Torrington, Connecticut. John Brown will arguably become America's first domestic terrorist when he uses violence for the sake of ending slavery in America.

In 1856 he will lead the Pottawatomie Massacre which kills five men. In 1869 John Brown launches an unsuccessful raid at Harpers Ferry in the hopes of starting a mass insurrection of slaves across the South. He'll be tried, found guilty, and executed by hanging.

The Harper's Ferry raid will have far-reaching consequences because many Southerners will be convinced that John Brown's ideas are widely shared among Northerners. This causes tensions between North and South to grow even worse, hastening the secession of Southern states and the Civil War.


Abolitionist John Brown Documentary / Harpers Ferry

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