Franz Mesmer Expelled From Practicing Medicine in Vienna Hot

Franz Mesmer Expelled From Practicing Medicine in Vienna

Franz Anton Mesmer
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Franz Anton Mesmer is expelled from the practice of medicine in Vienna. He has been developing an idea which he calls magnétisme animal (animal magnetism), a force or field that allows energy to be transferred between a living being and their environment.

According to Mesmer, humans have a fluid running through them which, when it gets out of balance, leads to physical and mental illnesses. Mesmer believes that this fluid can be affected by animal magnetism, and thus diseases can be cured by restoring the fluid's balance through the use of animal magnetism on people.

Mesmer tries to produce such cures by putting people in a trance (through hypnosis, or mesmerism) then manipulating their "vital energies" by passing his hands over the places where the disease is located.

In France, skeptical physicians will investigate Mesmer's claims and find that he is a fraud. Mesmer flees and eventually dies in disgrace, but he has many followers, some of whom will continue to to use his methods — usually for the same purposes.



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