Illuminati Founded by Adam Weishaupt in Germany Hot

Illuminati Founded by Adam Weishaupt in Germany

Adam Weishaupt
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In Bavaria, Germany, Adam Weishaupt founds a secret group of like minded individuals who will eventually call themselves "Illuminati" or "bearers of light."

Although the group itself is neither democratic nor egalitarian, Weishaupt creates it for the purpose of spreading rationalist ideas while undermining monarchical governments and state religions both in Europe and in various colonies around the world.

The specifics of the Illuminati ideology appear to have been based on a random mixing of Rosicrucianism, Cabalistic mysticism, Gnosticism, Jesuit organization, and even Masonry — which itself appears to have elements of Egyptian mysticism and Babylonian cosmology. Unfortunately for Masonry, the Illuminati will spread themselves by infiltrating Masonic Lodges, and thus the two will be forever linked for conspiracy theorists.

The ideal of the Illuminati was for people to be happy, and people were supposed to be happy by becoming good. That, in turn, was to be achieved by "enlightening" them and getting them to reject the domination of "superstition and prejudice."

Critics will allege that the process of enlightening people includes an elimination of Christianity and placing Illuminati leaders in charge of governments around the world. This may or may not have been true, although the organization does appear to have been driven by a few men's megalomania, and such people might be capable of having such a goal.

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