Death of Pope Benedict XIV

Death of Pope Benedict XIV

Pope Benedict XIV
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Pope Benedict XIV dies. He had a very difficult pontificate due to the political complexities he faced. He was able to settle many of these issues, but only at great political cost.

Concordats are signed with Spain, Naples, and others, for example, but only at the cost of significant concessions to the authority of secular rulers who want to appoint bishops themselves.

Pope Benedict XIV had more success dealing with reforms within the church such as improving church finances, boosting priests' education, and condemning Jansenism. He did create more problems than he solved when it came to relations between Christian missionaries and non-Christian cultures, however.

Pope Benedict XIV issued two papal bulls (Ex quo singulari and Omnium solicitudinum) to condemn using Christian terminology to describe ideas or practices in native cultures. This leads many converts to abandon Christianity entirely to return to familiar, traditional beliefs.

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