England's King Charles II Approves Act of Uniformity Hot

England's King Charles II Approves Act of Uniformity

King Charles II
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Act of Uniformity: England's King Charles II of England approves a bill requiring anyone who wants to hold any office either in the Church of England or in the English government to publicly assent to the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

Those who don't are to be fired, even though the edition of the Book of Common Prayer which this 1662 Act of Uniformity requires is so new that most people have never seen a copy. Over 2,000 members of the clergy will refuse to swear an oath to adhere to this new edition of the Book of Common Prayer and will be ejected from the Church.

This creates a new religious and political category in England known as non-conformism. The label refers to any non-Christian or Christian who refuses to conform to the standards laid down by the official, established church.

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