Pope Innocent X Condemns Jansenism

Pope Innocent X Condemns Jansenism

Pope Innocent X
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Pope Innocent X issues the papal bull Cum Occasione condemning five propositions of Jansenism.

The propositions are:

"1. Some of God's precepts are impossible to the just, who wish and strive to keep them, according to the present powers which they have; the grace, by which they are made possible, is also wanting.

2. In the state of fallen nature one never resists interior grace.

3. In order to merit or demerit in the state of fallen nature, freedom from necessity is not required in man, but freedom from external compulsion is sufficient.

4. The Semipelagians admitted the necessity of a prevenient interior grace for each act, even for the beginning of faith; and in this they were heretics, because they wished this grace to be such that the human will could either resistor obey.

5. It is Semipelagian to say that Christ died or shed His blood for all men without exception."

Jansenism is a Roman Catholic movement named after Cornelius Jansen (1585-1638), Bishop of Ypres. Jansenism owes a lot to the theology of John Calvin and is characterized by moral severity.

Jansenists derive their position on grace from Augustine, without modification, and believe in the total sinfulness of humans, predestination, and that Christians must rely upon a faith in God which cannot be validated through human reason.

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