Election of Pope Innocent X

Election of Pope Innocent X

Pope Innocent X
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Innocent X is elected pope. A great-great-great- grandson of Pope Alexander VI, Innocent is a trained lawyer and will be one of the more politically shrewd popes of this era.

Some of his decisions, such as the shift in papal favor from France to Spain, will lead to significant political consequences.

Not all papal actions will taken seriously, however. When the Thirty Years' War ends, Innocent will condemn the peace treaty as harmful to Catholicism and declare it invalid, but no one will pay any attention to him.

One unusual thing about the reign of Pope Innocent X will be the influence his sister-in-law, Olympia Maidalchini-Pamfili. She visits him regularly, sells offices and benefices which he must be responsible for, and gets her son named a cardinal.

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