Birth of Pope Innocent X

Birth of Pope Innocent X

Pope Innocent X
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Pope Innocent X is born Giambattista Pamfili in Rome. A great-great-great-grandson of Pope Alexander VI, Innocent will become a trained lawyer and one of the more politically shrewd popes of this era.

Some of his decisions, like the shift in papal favor from France to Spain, will have widespread political repercussions.

Not all papal actions, however, will be taken quite so seriously. When the Thirty Years' War ends, Innocent condemns the peace treaty as detrimental to the Catholic faith and declares it invalid, but he will be ignored.

Of unusual significance will be the influence his sister-in-law, Olympia Maidalchini-Pamfili, has on him. She will visit him regularly, sell offices and benefices which he will be responsible for, and has her son made a cardinal.

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