Election of Pope Paul IV - Rigid, Uncompromising, Unpopular

Election of Pope Paul IV - Rigid, Uncompromising, Unpopular

Pope Paul IV
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Giampietro Caraffa is elected Pope Paul IV. Responsible for reorganizing the Inquisition in Italy while archbishop of Naples, many are surprised that such a rigid and uncompromising person would be selected to become pope.

While in office, Paul IV will use his position both to promote Italian nationalism and to further strengthen the powers of the Inquisition. When German Catholics and Protestants finally work out an agreement to end their fighting by agreeing that cuius regio, eius religio (the ruler of the state shall determine the religion), Paul condemns the agreement because he thinks that it will hurt the Church.

As is typical of Renaissance popes, Paul IV uses his office to enrich his family. He will make his nephew Carlo Caraffa a cardinal and give other relatives benefices and estates taken from those who support Spain. Pope Paul IV has an almost irrational hatred of Spain and will conspire with the French government to drive the Spanish out of Italy, but he is defeated in battle in 1557.

He will become so upopular that, after he dies, a mob storms the Inquisition and tears down his statue.

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