Thomas Cranmer: Marriage of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn is Valid Hot

Thomas Cranmer: Marriage of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn is Valid

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Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, rules that the marriage of King Henry VIII of England to Anne Boleyn is valid. They had been secretly married in 1532; after Boleyn became pregnant, they were married publicly on January 25, 1533.

The description of Anne Boleyn's role in all of this is usually sexual — she's young, attractive, and has caught the king's fancy. That's true up to a point, but it's not the whole story. Anne Boleyn is also a member of an ambitious family, and what's more, she's interested in the new religious ideas coming out of continental Europe.

There is no evidence that Anne Boleyn had herself ever converted to any form of Protestantism, nor that she actively encouraged King Henry VIII to become a Protestant. It is unlikely, however, that she has had absolutely no influence whatsoever on Henry when it comes to his attitude towards the Catholic Church and the legitimacy of breaking away.

As was the case with the announcement that Henry had wed Boleyn, Pope Clement VII objects very strongly. And, once again, a parliament of the church in England concludes that as bishop of Rome, the pope has no more authority outside his diocese than any other bishop. Thus his objections are treated as irrelevant.


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