Battle of Lipany Ends Hussite Wars Between Catholics & John Hus Followers

Battle of Lipany Ends Hussite Wars Between Catholics & John Hus Followers

John Hus
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Battle of Lipany: the Hussite Wars between Catholics and the followers of John Hus come to an end. The Taborite army (radical Hussites), led by Prokop the Great and Prokop the Lesser, are nearly annihilated by the Utraquists (a moderate faction of Hussites).

Because the most radical Hussites are defeated, the previously-negotiated Compact of Basel can now be ratified; this formally accepts some of the basic tenets taught by John Hus and brings reconciliation with the Catholic Church.

Of perhaps wider significance is the extensive use of hand-held gunpowder muskets and hand-held canon during the Hussite wars. This allowed infantry to defeat much larger armies based around heavily-armored knights. In effect, then, the Hussite Wars created the modern infantry and ended the mounted knight as a fighting tool.

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