Ordination of John Duns Scotus, Medieval Franciscan Philosopher Hot

Ordination of John Duns Scotus, Medieval Franciscan Philosopher

Duns Scotus

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Scottish medieval Franciscan philosopher John Duns Scotus is ordained. John Duns Scotus will become known to many as the "Subtle Doctor." He writes extensively on subjects like the nature of will, the importance of reason and knowledge, and the necessity of divine revelation in achieving a true understanding of the world.

The writings of John Duns Scotus will be very influential in medieval scholasticism because he treats theology not as a speculative matter but rather as something which can be treated like a science.

John Duns Scotus will also become very important because he champions the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. This has been opposed by many others who have argued that if Mary had been conceived without sin, she would not have needed redemption. Scotus, however, argues that her sinlessness was due to the grace of Christ and was thus the first example of his redemptive powers.

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