Jews Arrested and Jailed for Coin Deprecating Hot

Jews Arrested and Jailed for Coin Deprecating

Kids Stoning Jews during Lent, c. 1600

Government officials in England begin arresting and imprisoning Jews on charges of deprecating coins. Nearly 300 Jews will be locked up in the Tower of London. More than 200 will be hung and all their property confiscated.

Deprecating coins, also known as coin clipping, involves shaving off the edges of coins made from precious metals. The coin is now worth less than it should be and the shavings can be sold off at a profit. This is why mints eventually start adding ridges to coins because the ridges will be destroyed by any attempt to shave or clip a coin.

Few of the Christians who helped them are punished at all, however: the Christian juries find most of them innocent, blaming everything on the Jews.

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