Second Council of Lyons Starts Under Pope Gregory X

Second Council of Lyons Starts Under Pope Gregory X

Pope Gregory X
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The first session of the Second Council of Lyons starts under the leadership of Pope Gregory X, primarily for the purpose of reunifying the Western and Eastern Christian Churches because Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII had pledged to just such a reunification.

Attendance at the Second Council of Lyons is massive: 300 bishops, 60 abbots, and at least 1,000 prelates. Thomas Aquinas is supposed to attend but dies on the way.

For a very brief time this council actually succeeds in its goal of uniting the churches. The Eastern Orthodox leaders concede on the issue of the Filioque (added to the Nicene creed by the western churches). However, this union will be repudiated by Michael VIII Palaeologus' heir, Andronicus II.

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