City Council of Vienna Forces Jews to Wear a Conical Hat Hot

City Council of Vienna Forces Jews to Wear a Conical Hat

Jewish poet Süßkind von Trimberg wears a Jewish hat
Source: Wikipedia

Vienna's city council forces Jews to wear a Pileum Cornutum, which is a conical hat. They already have to wear a special badge. All of this is in accordance with decisions from the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215 that Jews and Muslims have to be recognizable by their clothing.

The rationale is:

"In some provinces the dress of Jews and Saracens distinguishes them from Christians, but in others a degree of confusion has arisen, so that they cannot be recognised by any distinguishing marks.

As a result, in error Christians have sexual intercourse with Jewish or Saracen women, and Jews and Saracens have intercourse with Christian women.

In order that the crime of such an accursed mingling shall not in future have an excuse and an evasion under the pretext of error, we resolve that (Jews and Saracens) of both sexes in all Christian lands shall distinguish themselves publicly from other people by their dress."

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