Richard I the Lionheart's Crusader Fleet Arrives in Lemesos

Richard I the Lionheart's Crusader Fleet Arrives in Lemesos

Richard I Lionheart, King of England
Source: Adam Bishop

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Richard I the Lionheart's Crusader fleet arrives in the port of Lemesos (now Limassol) in Cyprus where he begins his conquest of the island. Richard had been traveling from Sicily to Palestine, but a fierce storm scattered his fleet.

Most of the ships collected at Rhodes but a few, including those carrying the bulk of his treasure and Ferengaria of Navarre, the future Queen of England, were blown to Cyprus.

Here Isaac Comnenus treated them shabbily: he refused to allow them to come ashore for water and the crew of one ship that wrecked was imprisoned.

Richard the Lionheart demands the release of all prisoners and all stolen treasure, but Isaac refuses — to his later regret.

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