Death of Nur ad-Din Mahmud bin Zengi, Uncle of Saladin Hot

Death of Nur ad-Din Mahmud bin Zengi, Uncle of Saladin

Tomb of Nur ad Din Zangi in Damascus
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Timeline of History

Religious History
Religious Intolerance

Nur ad-Din Mahmud bin Zengi dies. A member of the Turkish Zengid dynasty, Nur ad-Din was a major opponent of the Christians during the Second Crusade.

His nephew, Saladin, will eventually take over for him, controlling a Muslim empire that stretches from the Tigris river to the Libyan desert and surrounding the Crusader states on three sides.

First, though, Saladin will have to defeat ed-Din's son As-Salih Ismail. Saladin pledges himself as a vassal, but his plan is to take over from the younger, weaker ruler.

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