Antipope Victor IV Steps Down in Favor of Innocent II Hot

Antipope Victor IV Steps Down in Favor of Innocent II

Pope Innocent III
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Antipope Victor IV (Gregorio Conti) overthrows himself for Innocent II. During the papal election of 1130, Gregorio Conti had been one of the cardinals who voted with the majority for Pietro Pierleoni (who became Antipope Anacletus II) rather than the minority who voted for Pope Innocent II.

When Anacletus II died, the cardinals who had supported him turned to elect Conti as his replacement. After a few months, however, Antipope Victor IV has repented of all that he's done and offers to submit to Innocent II.

Pope Innocent II is initially gracious, restoring Gregorio Conti to his original office, but in April 1139, the Second Lateran Council will condemn Gregorio Conti and depose all those involved with the election of antipopes over the previous few years. .

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