Egyptian Fleet Defeated by Venetian Fleet Near Ascalon

Egyptian Fleet Defeated by Venetian Fleet Near Ascalon

Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1135
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A Venetian fleet defeats an Egyptian fleet off the coast of Ascalon. The Venetians have gotten involved militarily in this part of the Crusade because they have been promised significant commercial advantages if they can help the Christians Crusaders secure more of the Holy Land.

The pope fully supported this offer when King Baldwin I of Jersusalem made it, but it has taken three years for Doge Domenico Michiel to send his fleet of over 100 men-of-war. Even then, the fleet stops first to attack the Byzantine island of Corfu in retaliation for Emperor John Comenus restricting Venetian trading privileges.

After sinking or capturing nearly every vessel in the Egyptian fleet, the Venetians move on to assist in the siege of Tyre. There is debate over whether the Venetian fleet should strike at Ascalon or Tyre; the Venetians decide for Tyre because of its deep port and trade connections to lands in the west.

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